Wallace Animal Hospital

483 Stallings Road
Teachey, NC 28464



Herd Health

Wellness exams - includes routine hoof care, deworming, annual vaccinations for Rabies, Clostridium C & D (over-eating disease), and Tetanus. We evaluate body scores annually as obesity is such a problem in these animals.

Sickness exams- emergency coverage includes administration of intravenous fluids, treatment for meningeal worm, treatment for choke, heat stroke, overeating disease, polioencephalomalacia, listeriosis, and "failure to thrive" syndrome.

Surgery routine surgical castrations, fighting teeth trimming, growth removal., microchip insertion.


Camelids Llamas and Alpacas: We see the pet camelids as well as fiber producing animals and brood stock.

 We also treat  Cattle.